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Use this form to report content that you believe infringes a legal right or a Quora policy, other than copyright or trademark infringements. You can use this form to report content that you believe constitutes defamation, trade libel, violations of Quora’s Conduct Policy, illegal content, or other breaches of Quora’s policies and Terms of Service. For copyright and trademark infringement complaints, use the Copyright Infringement Claim Form or the Trademark Infringement Claim Form, as applicable. You agree that we may provide your contact information and the content on this form to the individual or entity that posted the content you are reporting. The individual or entity may have a right to submit a counter-notice regarding the content in question. Please note that submitting a claim of infringement or policy violation can be a serious matter, which may involve or trigger legal process. You may wish to reach out to the individual poster before you submit a claim of infringement to us. You may be able to resolve your concern by bringing it to the attention of the individual poster.

Note: You must identify with specificity all the locations where you believe infringing content appears. Otherwise, we cannot readily determine which of the millions of postings on the Quora Platform contain content that you find objectionable and that you are requesting we remove at this time.s}}

Note: Please identify the basis of your complaint and the reasons why you believe that the content is infringing or unlawful. If you do not set out the basis specifically enough, we may not be able to process your complaint.

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